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Parrothead Cruise 2007: Cruise to St. Somewhere
By Cindy Hammitt

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It was the best cruise of the four we have been on! We love the Carnival Legend. It is the first ship we sailed on and the staff is so nice to us bunch of party-hardy parrot heads. We loved having all the days at sea with all the parrot head activites. The beard shave off was so COOL! When the women got involved it got quite intense. It is amazing what people will do to raise money for charity. We should know by now that the sky-is-the-limit!

We had a great time in St. Martin's fishing. I know that other people did lots of other things but the fishing trip was GREAT! We had a very good captain and the seas were a little rough for a small vessel but it was fun. We had lunch at restaurant right on the harbor and the food was to die for! St. Martin's is the place to buy gold if that is what you are looking for. They have dozens of shops and even a lizard or two shopping. St. Martin's is the only place I've ever had to check my bag at the grocery store. You check your bag and they give you a number and after you check out you get your bag back. A lot different than home!

St. Lucia was a beautiful place with lots of history. We had lunch at the Green Parrot Bed & Breakfast and Restaurant. They have a special drink called the Green Parrot that was very good. They have an award winning chef and he came out and introduced himself before we left. I had read reviews about the slow service but these guys are on island time and that is what makes it so special. We learned a lot about bananas that we had never heard before and this country is proud of their accomplishments.

Turtle Beach on St. Kitts was the best. I got the very best massage I had ever had on the beach! The girl that gave me the massage used pure aloe vera. Kevin couldn't believe how much juice they get from the plants. The music was great and I found me a boyfriend that was two years old. His name was Romeo and he was just that! He kept telling me to come back real soon! I suppose the parents had something to do with that.

All in all this was an excellent cruise. The pool invasion, the pub crawl and the toga party were a few of our favorite things. Of course this year we got to have a St. Paddy's day party also. You have never seen so many decorated Irish people in your life! It was all really good fun.

Anyone thinking about signing up for next year needs to stop thinking and just do it. The Atlanta PHC does a great job of putting this on and remember that it is all for charity. The silent auction is great and if you aren't afraid to bid high enough you can come home with some great finds. This is a charity event and we always plan to spend at least $1000.00 some way and the silent auction is always fun. It is where I got my parrot necklace! Bid with your HEART! This is a great way to help with the breast cancer fight. And God bless Gail O'Halloran, our new friend and soon-to-be breast cancer survivor.

The one thing that sticks out in my mind is the life-long friends that you make, and you can't put a price tag on that!

Phins Up and a great #10 coming up!


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