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Trip Around the Sun
Parrothead Cruise 2008
By Kathy Ferralli

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The Ambassadors of good will and fun from the Arizona Parrot Head Club headed off to Miami to join 450 parrot heads from around the country on the Atlanta Parrot Head Club’s “Trip Around the Sun”. The party at the host hotel starts at 3:00pm and by the time we get there the party will be in full swing! We finally arrive at the hotel about 6:00pm, check into our rooms, Judy and Sandi go to the party, while the boys (Pete, Doug, Bob) and I head out to find a liquor store. I knew where I was going, the boys didn’t! We get our supplies and head back to the hotel for the evening of festivities! We were entertained by Scotty Bryan and the Drunken Monkey Show Band all the way from Hawaii! They also joined us on the cruise and are a really good duo! Lots of fun. The hotel was located right on the beach, it was nice to see the ocean again and all our friends from the California clubs and Texas clubs. This was gonna be a Lovely Cruise!

Saturday morning arrives and we are off to the cruise terminal to board our home for the next 7 days….The Carnival Triumph. While we’re waiting to board the ship we saw Bob Karwin and of course we have signs that say “Your name is Bob Karwin, What’s mine?” He got a kick out of that! He said “I’ve been heckled by drunks, but never by a sign!” I am sure the signs will show up again at Phins to the West and Parrot Grande! We love Bob!

Finally on the ship and it is time to party……party………party….. for 7 days in a row! It is hard to tell where one party ends and the other begins! There is the Welcome Aboard Party, the Pub Crawl, the Pool Invasion parties, the Toga party, the Pajama party, the “Mallory Square” sunset party, the “sunrise” party, the Tin Cup Chalice party, the cocktail parties, and the evening entertainment each night with Bob Karwin, Brent Burns and The Boat Drunks and this is just on the ship! We also have parties at our ports of call!

Of course, we are partying with a purpose…..we are out to “save the TaTas” The total amount raised on the cruise for Breast Cancer was just under $57,000! Yes that is correct $57,000! These pholks know how to raise some money! The great part is they get everyone involved in it! There were raffles, silent auctions, Chinese auctions, the shave off, toenail painting by the “Toe Hoes” and hair braiding with pretty pink beads and ribbons! Awesome job by all!

Our ports of call were Half Moon Cay, Bahamas, St. Thomas USVI, San Juan Puerto Rico and Grand Turk, BWI.

Our first port of call is Half Moon Cay, it was chilly for us desert dwellers, so we just stayed on board and enjoyed partying on our balconies and later by the pool. Our next port of call is St. Thomas, where the Virgin Island Parrot Head Club threw a party for us at the Havensight entertainment complex with the Barefoot Davis Band. Great band, and a great party with great friends. Our next port of call is San Juan, Puerto Rico where we don’t have a party to go to, so we head out to take the tour of the Barcardi Rum factory. Very informative tour and 2 free drinks!

Our last port of call is the one we have all been waiting for: Grand Turk, BWI ! Why you may ask are we waiting for this port of call? Because we are going to Mecca! We will be “Wasted Away in Margaritaville” again! The location is just awesome: oceanfront, with a huge swimming pool with a swim up bar. What more could we want? We were entertained by our own musicians Bob Karwin, Brent Burns, Scotty Bryan and the Boat Drunks! It was a perfect day in Paradise. We all could have just stayed forever.

From there we were on our way back to Miami, we had a day at sea and then the Party at the End of the Cruise at the host hotel in Miami Beach with Don Middlebrook.

It was a Lovely Cruise! We can’t wait for the next one!

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